I’m Feeling A Little Lost in Life

These pretty little things were taken 2 years ago in Longwood

Everyone hates feeling lost, but what if you feel lost in your own life? Feeling lost in your own life is one of the worst feelings, as you feel like you’ve lost all sense of identity. Currently, I am feeling that way after realizing how much I dislike my job, and how desperately I want to quit, but yet having nothing lined up. What makes this feeling even harder is the crushing realization that I have yet to be a full time content creator, which is my ultimate dream job.

I guess one way of defining feeling lost in life is having a quarter-life or mid-life crisis, whichever one you are closer to. You feel like all you’ve worked for has ended up for nought. You’ve become disillusioned to life in general. It’s a tough feeling to break out of, and has lead to many nights and days of crying nonstop for me.

However, feeling lost right now gives me an opportunity to explore what is really important to me. For me, the most important thing is to be able to turn what I love doing into an income stream. That includes writing, blogging, and gaming, and I hope to turn those into income streams, whether or not it takes weeks or even years. It gives me an opportunity to also look at what I really want to do in life. I now know that I no longer want to do retail, and instead, I want to pursue writing or digital marketing/social media, purely because it makes me happier than what I am currently doing.

Feeling lost also allows you to prioritize what you want from life. For me, the things I prioritize most in life are my own happiness, financial stability, and job stability. Even though the thought of becoming a freelance writer or content creator (whichever comes first) terrifies me because of the lack of stability and the lack of income, I know that it will bring me happiness, and I have to be happy beyond anything else with anything I’m doing.

Feeling lost in life may seem like a bad thing, but it gives you a chance to really delve deep and explore yourself and see what you really want out of your life.